Holywell Golf Club
Dress Code

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Dress Code

It is in all our interests to maintain reasonable standards of dress in keeping with golf traditions. Members and visitors are asked to ensure that they conform to a good, neat and clean standard of dress both on and off the course. In the interests of maintaining reasonable standards and understanding modern requirements, Holywell Golf Club would request you to respect the following Dress Code to save embarrassment for all concerned

In courtesy to other course users, we would request that mobile phones are switched to ‘silent’ and only used in an emergency.

Overall Aim

We aim to be as inclusive as possible, encouraging everyone to feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome at Holywell Golf Club.


Dress restrictions are not imposed, other than at formal presentation evenings (when smart casual clothing is encouraged ; or formal clothing, if preferred).

We do ask Members and Visitors to dress with respsect and consideration for others and in keeping with the character of an established Golf Club.

We request all hats are removed inside the Clubhouse, other than where it is acceptable for a specific formal occasion.


On the course we ask that smart, recognised golf attire is worn.

All golf shoes must be removed prior to entering the Clubhouse, but they are permissible within the Ladies and Gents Changing Rooms.

Please do not wear denim or jogging trousers whilst playing golf.

Thank you in anticipation for your consideration.

The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to the Course or Clubhouse if individuals are not able to comply with our Dress Code, club rules, normal courtesies and the rules of golf.

Clubhouse Events: The dress code will be announced prior to the event.